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Greg Welander of Upstream On The Fly


If you have been following along on my Fly Fishing journey as we see it on the internet, you might notice a new website.  Also, you might be wondering if I use to work in and guide in central Texas.  Yes to all of that, the year 2021 was a year of change.  We relocated back to North Texas to be closer to family.  I am really looking forward to re-connecting back up with many a fly fishers from North Texas and spending time with new acquaintances.




A Deeper Dive – About Me


I started Fly Fishing seriously back in 1998 while living in North Texas.  So North Texas waters are not new to me.  Having spent 13 years chasing fish in North Texas Rivers and Lakes before moving down to the Texas Hill Country where I had spent 12 years.  I call the area where we now live in North Texas “The North Texas Hill Country” which is just west of the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex (also referred to by locals as “West of the Plex”).    


Having been a guide in the great state of Texas since 2012.  I look forward to passing along some helpful knowledge along the way.  I offer guided Fly Fishing Trips on the Brazos River and its smaller tributaries such as the Paluxy River.  In addition to the rivers of North Texas, I will also be guiding several picturesque lakes of North Texas. 


I offer float trips from my 14 foot Aire raft equipped with an Outcast fishing system that includes metal floors, swivel seats and lean bars.  Float trips include the scenic Brazos River or wade trips on both the Brazos and the Paluxy River.  Also including trips on the Brazos River and several area lakes from my Hog Island skiff.


There is no shortage of warm water species up in North Texas.  Everything from Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass (looks like a Guadalupe Bass with the same attitude ), Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Sand (White) Bass, and a variety of the Sunfish species.  There is even Carp, Smallmouth Buffalo, Freshwater Drum and Gar to round out the list. 


The Business Side Of Me


Having spent nine years working for Sportsmans Finest in Austin Texas, there was a lot to learn about keeping the doors open and gear on the shelves.  The last seven years with the shop, I managed their Fly Fishing Department.  Currently when I am not guiding or chasing fish, I am a Manufacturer’s sales representative for major fly fishing brands in the Fly Fishing and Outdoor space.  Some of my brands include Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods, SEiGLER Reels, Norvise, Trxstle, Dagon Apparel, Frog Hair leaders and tippets, Sight Cast Fishing and Headspin Outdoors.  I am always looking at the next new brand to hit the outdoor space with a couple in the works currently.  By the way, I only sell to Fly Shops and other outdoor related retailers.  Sorry, no direct to consumer sales.  Support your local shops!


More To Come


This is my first entry in to my Blog on my website.  Looking forward to bringing you more stories on “how to” and fishing reports.  Keep your eyes on this blog, I might even throw in information about Fly Patterns.  Having been a fly tier for over 18 years, there is allot to talk about.  Including being a fly tying instructor since 2009.


If you are on social media, follow along on both Facebook and Instagram under Upstream On The Fly to keep up with North Texas Fly Fishing.


No matter your experience level, from beginners to experienced I look forward to guiding you on the waters west of Dallas and Fort Worth. 


See you on the water and Keep North Texas Fly Fishing!    



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