Guided Fly Fishing Trips In North Texas

Out West of Dallas & Fort Worth

I started fishing as soon as I was able to hold a fishing pole.  I have been fly fishing exclusively since 1998.  The rivers and lakes of North Texas is where I first started fly fishing for the variety of warm water species available to the Fly Fisher.

I have been making a full time living in the Fly Fishing Industry since 2010.    This included managing a Fly Shop to Guiding clients on Texas Waters.  Currently, in addition to guiding I am also a Manufacturer’s Sales Rep for Fly Fishing brands within a four state territory including Texas.  I sell only to Fly Shops and other outdoor related retailers.  Support local!  


North Texas Fly Fishing Guide Greg Welander of Upstream On The Fly


Upstream On The Fly Raft for Guided Fly Fishing Float Trips in North Texas

From Beginners to Experienced

Guiding You To A Texas Sized – Fun Filled Fly Fishing Trip

Greg is a Fly Fishing Guide on North Texas Waters.  Waters include the Brazos River and smaller tributaries such as the Paluxy River.  Also, including many of the area lakes.

Fish species include everything from Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Sand (White) Bass, and a variety of the Sunfish species.  There is even Carp, Smallmouth Buffalo, Freshwater Drum and Gar.

No matter your experience level, from beginners to experienced, I am passionate about making your day on the water one to always remember. Whether it’s floating the scenic Brazos River or wading the “hill country like” Paluxy River, or one of many picturesque lakes, Upstream On The Fly will guide you to a Texas sized, fun filled, fly fishing trip of a lifetime.

So come experience Upstream On The Fly out west of Dallas & Fort Worth for some of Texas’s best fly fishing.

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Capturing The Day

Your Biggest Moments Captured

Let’s face it – a special experience of Guided Fly Fishing Trips in North Texas is something you will look back on for years to come, remembering the good times you had and the wonderful people you shared your lives with. Capturing that moment being in the great outdoors.  My photography will help you capture the magic of the moment.

Upstream On The Fly Guided Fly Fishing Caught Largemouth Bass in North Texas

Upstream On The Fly Customer with a Largemouth Bass caught in North Texas while Fly Fishing

Upstream On The Fly Customer with a Bass caught in North Texas while Fly Fishing