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You might be wondering what the title “Fatties” has to do with fly fishing.  Healthy fish, over weight fish, fish that are getting ready for winter.  Yes, “Fatties” refers to fish that fly fishers are excited to catch.

alt = "Fatties - Lower Colorado River Bass"

Fatties – Lower Colorado River Bass

Fall fishing this year on the Lower Colorado River has been frustrating.  Austin, TX has received large amounts of rain this fall which translates to muddy waters for the Lower Colorado River.  Then the rains of Halloween came.  Onion Creek rose 11 feet in 15 minutes and crested at a record 41 feet, sending walls of water into surrounding neighborhoods.  By the way the previous  record for Onion Creek, set in 1869 and again in 1921, was 38 feet.  The rains had Onion Creek at a flow rate of 120,000 cubic feet per second – nearly twice the force of Niagara Falls.  Why all the talk about Onion Creek?  Onion Creek flows into the Lower Colorado River.

alt = "Flood Damage"

Flood Damage

It was 5 weeks since the flood, Josh and Casey met up with me in the town of Webberville, TX just east of Austin for a day on the water.  It was December 2 and finally some fall fishing .  The prior weekend Austin had several days with the highs in the low 40’s.  However, the 3 days prior to December 2, Austin had a string of warm days.  As I sit here writing this report Austin has been on a record with days not making it out of the 30’s.  Although the calendar still say’s fall, winter has arrived in Austin. Winter weather in south central Texas can mean highs from the 30’s to the 70’s, with even an 80 degree day thrown in.  That is what happened on December 2nd, highs in the 80’and we went fishing.

alt = "Upstream On The Fly - Outcast Raft"

Upstream On The Fly – Outcast Raft

Josh and Casey are passionate not only about fly fishing, but also tying up flies.  Josh provided an articulated swim bait fly while Casey tied up a Crawdad pattern.  Everything is bigger in Texas and that was the fly selection for the day.

alt = "Articulated Streamer"

Articulated Streamer

Josh had several “Personal Best’s” for the day.  Starting out with his very first White Bass on the fly.  Josh is originally from Montana and this was the first time he has caught a White Bass.  Lucky for him, there were many more to follow his first.  Casey had caught the trip’s biggest White Bass “aka Fatties”.

alt = "Josh's First White Bass Ever"

Josh’s First White Bass Ever


alt = "Casey's White Bass"

Casey’s White Bass

Casey on the other hand grew up in East Texas, which is famous for trophy sized Largemouth Bass.  Casey is all about catching “Fatties” and today was no different.  He also had a “Personal Best” from the trip, a Lower Colorado Guadalupe Bass.  We thought he had a new state record with the way his 8 weight fly rod was doubled over.  “Get the scale everyone yelled” the anticipation was so thick you could almost cut it with a knife, until it came in at 2lb on the scale.  Nothing wrong with wishful thinking.  But, someday this river will produce the new state record Guadalupe Bass.


alt = "Casey's Personal Best Guadalupe Bass"

Casey’s Personal Best Guadalupe Bass

alt = "Josh's Personal Best Guadalupe Bass"

Josh’s Personal Best Guadalupe Bass

Our trip produced over 45 fish for the day including White Bass, Guadalupe Bass and Largemouth Bass.  Not a bad day on the water when considering it was 40 degrees the weekend prior to our trip.  When an extended warming trend hits us here in Austin, even if the calendar says winter, it will once again be time to go fishing – Upstream On The Fly.

So if “Fatties” are what you are after, then the Lower Colorado River is sure not to disappoint.


alt = "Josh's Personal Best Largemouth Bass"

Josh’s Personal Best Largemouth Bass

alt = "Casey's Largemouth Bass"

Casey’s Largemouth Bass


Keep Austin Fly Fishing!

White Bass Walk’n

The most frequent question I was asked this past spring was “Are the White’s running?”  With the drought still a sad occurrence here in central Texas, we just never had the amount of rain fall needed for a solid run out in the Hill Country.  I fish four spots that will hold a decent run and only one had a run this year.  We have had several good rains this spring, but not enough to allow for consistent water flow down the tributaries for the Whites to make a road trip to the party grounds.

However, the one spot that did produce out of the four this year was at the confluence of the Llano River with Lake LBJ.  This spot is a hard to get to location due to the private land that borders the spawning areas.  I have access through a couple spots which allows for less walking and more fishing.

alt = "White Bass caught on Flashabou Streamer"

White Bass caught on Flashabou Streamer

I had the opportunity to take Shannon for a late trip this past April.  We fished the tail end of the run, which allowed for a few larger fish.  Shannon has attended several fly tying classes that I instruct at the shop and he just happened to be there on a night we tied a white bass fly (The Flashabou Streamer).   This fly was the ticket for the bigger fish.

alt = "Shannon's Big White Bass"

Shannon’s Big White Bass

So even in a drought, the LBJ Whites still had the urge and enough water to make “a run”, or on second thought I will call it “a walk” this year due to the lower than normal flows.

Hopefully next year we have a stronger run of White’s, but at least there might be an opportunity for a White Bass Walk.

Alt = "Llano River White Bass"

Llano RIver White Bass

Keep Austin Fly Fishing!