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Llano River, 1 Weight Fly Rod and a Box of Trout Fly’s

Something in the title of this report doesn’t make sense “Llano River, 1 Weight Fly Rod and a Box of Trout Fly’s” or does it?  When fishing the Llano River we normally are chasing Largemouth Bass, Guadalupe Bass, Sunfish species and Rio Grande Perch (Cichlids).  The “Box of Trout Fly’s” might have thrown you for a moment.  However, Trout Fly’s are required when fishing for Rainbow Trout.

The TPWD has really stepped up their trout stocking program this year.  2400 Trout where stocked into the Llano River, with 5 locations receiving trout.  Although the Llano looks like a trout stream, the water’s are to warm throughout most of the year to sustain a Trout fishery.

Llano River Trout 2 Upstreamonthefly

Today I was out in Castell, TX fishing the Llano River for stocked Rainbow Trout.  There are very few cedar trees out in Castell Texas, something I have never noticed until today.  So despite the off the chart cedar pollen in Austin Texas today, the Hill Country out in Castell was pollen free.  Well at least not at record proportions.  My Cedar Fever was on hold  and my Trout bite was on.

All though the Trout are not of trophy proportions, what they lack in size they make up for in attitude.  It is fun fishing for Rainbow Trout and watching their acrobatics as they jump out of the water not just once but time and time again.  These fish can really get some serious air.

Llano River Trout 1 Upstreamonthefly

When in Castell, make sure to stop by the Castell General Store and visit with Randy.  Although he is one rooster short, Randy can normally tell you where the fish are biting. So grab the 1 Weight Fly Rod, a box of Trout Fly’s and hit the Llano River.  You might be surprised at the number of fish you will catch.

Castell Upstreamonthefly


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