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5 Pound Bass

“Up this morning
Before the sun
Fixed me some coffee and a honey bun
Jumped in my pickup
gave her the gas
I’m goin’ out to catch a 5 pound bass”

That is how the song by Robert Earl Keen starts out.  I can’t think of a better way to kick off “Upstream Reports”.

I offered to take Dac fishing for his last day at Sportsman’s Finest, Dac has his sights set on Alaska, where he will spend the summer working as a fly fishing guide.

My 14 foot Aire raft is equipped with an Outcast fishing frame which allows for 2 anglers and one rower.  I needed to fill the other seat.

alt = "14 foot Aire Raft with Outcast Fishing Frame"

14 foot Aire Raft with Outcast Fishing Frame

Winston was in the store that week prior to our trip and he was elected to join us for fishing, rowing and fun on the water.

alt = "Winston Fishing"

Winston Getting After It

Every hour we rotated through the 3 seats so we all had the opportunity to fish and power the raft down the Lower Colorado.

The month of April started off strong, but then the rains came.  Not a lot, but enough to put that brown stain in the river.  With frequent late arriving cold fronts throughout mid month, April became a month of timing.  It had been 2 weeks since the rain and it was time to hit the water.  The river had been fishing slow, and we knew the fish where going to have to start eating some time.

Second cast of the trip Dac hooked up with a White Bass.  Winston landed a small Largemouth.  For the next 4-5 hours small bass kept sucking down the top water flies.  Not big numbers, but enough to keep us interested.

alt = "Dac's White Bass"

Dac’s White Bass

I stayed with the meaty flies in hopes of landing the fish of the day.  There are times that you can go for quantity or quality.  I chose quality for the day.

One hour from take out, the bottom fell out around my top water fly, “Umpqua’s Pucker Lips”.   After 3 jumps, and several strong runs, the Sage Bass series had her in the net.

alt = "5 Pound Bass"

5 Pound Bass

“I see a ripple
I hear a splash
Lord have mercy, It’s a 5 pound bass”

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